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Seeshell Glass-bottom Boats

Seeshell with canopy
Seeshell as a tender

New wave technology casts a clear perspective on the glass bottom boat. Explore the ocean bottom in the Seeshell Dinghy, an eight-foot boat that is fun, safe, durable and affordable. The Seeshell Dinghy features a one-piece, seamless molded hull of our specially-milled acrylic - no seam, no leaks. The passengers are virtually "in a giant dive mask, viewing the treasures of the underwater world from above".

Unique engineering permits the seats and oar locks to adjust in several positions along custom anodized gunnel tracks. This allows for maximum comfort, stability and viewing. New Rotocast seats are bigger and better. Also, they are buoyant, increasing the boat's flotation. The acrylic inner-liner is easy to replace.

The Seeshell Dinghy weighs 100 pounds and seats one to two people, depending on load. The hull includes a clear vinyl, replaceable inter-liner, protecting the surface of the hull from direct contact and scratching. The hull is warranted against discoloration for five (5) years.

The dinghy's hardware is all stainless steel & nylon, the rub-rail is made of a durable urethane (non-marring).

Row, Row, Row your boat or power up and motor on.

The dinghy rows as if it's on rails! The oars are rustproof aluminum, measuring 7-feet long. Adjustable oar-lock slides and seat slides allow for adjustable rowing position. The load is adjustable for one or two people, rowing or powering. It also tows like a dream!

The Seeshell Dinghy can be easily carried by one or two people. The USCG plate states it can carry 2 people, 2 HP motor, or 500 lbs. of people, motor and gear, maximum. Optional equipment for the Seeshell Dinghy includes a Bimini top, which fits easily in the top groove of the gunnel rail, full covers and seat cushions.

Great for yacht tenders, beach rentals, watersport toys, treasure salvagers...The ultimate glass-bottom boat!

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